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Fraser Decor is a full-service interior decorating firm for style and quality-conscious clients. Our mission is to ensure you love your home and we have developed a collection of packages in order to achieve your goals:



A. One-Time Decorating Consultation


This 2-hour consultation begins at your home with a careful assessment of your current decor situation and an in-depth discussion of what you would like to achieve in your home.  

This service is for those of you that want a beautifully decorated and well-planned home but don’t know where to start. 

We take into account the items and furnishings you currently own and the pieces you will need to complete the decor scheme. After taking careful notes, plenty of photographs and the necessary measurements, you will be provided with a detailed decorating plan, which will be presented to you as a Consultation Package. 

Included in your package will be:

  • recommended paint colours

  • ideas for furniture placement

  • recommendations for kitchen finishes

  • ideas for improvements to bathrooms

  • addition of architectural details

  • suggestions for draperies

  • flooring

  • area rugs

  • fabric schemes

  • lighting

  • accessories and styling items

We will also provide a detailed listing of where to shop, including save and splurge suggestions. We will do our best to provide you with a complete package including pricing and inspiration photos. You will have all of the information you'll need to confidently move forward and finish your project.

*Please note, these prices are for the decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.


B. Full Service Decorating Consultation 


This 2-hour consultation begins at your home with a discussion about your decorating goals and the way we can work together to make your home the best expression of your personality and taste.  


This service is for those of you that know you will be making big changes to your home and would like the "fresh eyes" of a professional to guide you and manage your entire project.

This is the starting point to a successful working relationship resulting in your home being comfortable, functional, and professionally put together.


Included in the discussion will be:

  • your budget

  • style preferences

  • functional requirements

  • scope of your project

  • ideas about design direction

  • applicable services, fees and expectations

In order for you to make a decision about whether or not you need a professional to help you further with these services, we will provide a comprehensive proposal, outlining the decorating fees required, based on the scope discussed at the consultation.  Every decor detail will be addressed, updated and refreshed to ensure a complete and professionally finished space. 

*Please note, these prices are for the shopping and decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.



A. Foyer Fix-Up 


Does your foyer say, “Welcome” or “Go Away”? Considering this is the first place your guests see when they visit, your foyer should be spectacular. It should give a little hint of what’s to come, decoratively speaking, in the rest of your home. Your foyer should say something about the people that live in that home.

If you feel that your foyer isn’t fully expressing itself, the Foyer Fix-Up, decorating service is for you. 

We will add the right accessories and artwork, as well as the all-important fun to compliment the function in your hardworking foyer.


*Please note, these prices are for the shopping and decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.  


Staging For Staying

B. Styling Switch Up


Sometimes all you need are a few artfully placed vases, the perfect toss cushions, a mirror for sparkle, or statement artwork to take your home from dull to dynamic. If you already have your furniture in place and you are happy with your home but it still doesn’t feel finished, then this service will satisfy your decor needs. 

The Styling Switch Up, decorating service is perfect for the busy homeowner that appreciates style and having their home ready for any season.  

With new seasons come new opportunities for freshening up. This service will ensure your home is appropriately decorated with your latest décor finds. We can switch out any accent cushions, throw blankets, area rugs, accessories, artwork and even drapery panels, throughout your home.

It makes sense for us to visit you a couple of times during the year to get you ready for Spring & Summer as well as Fall & Winter. 

*Please note, these prices are for the shopping and decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.

C. Magnificent Mantels & Beautiful Bookshelves


Fireplace mantels and accompanying bookshelves can be very frustrating to dress properly. There is a delicate balance of items, textures and scale of pieces that can be elusive, even to most professionals. It can be a lengthy process of trial and error to get the mix of items just right.

This service is for you if you’ve found yourself unsatisfied with your mantel and bookshelf decorating efforts, or if you’ve decided that what you’ve come up with is “fine for now”.

Our goal is always to help you love your home and fine just won’t do. In order to make your mantel magnificent and your bookshelves beautiful, we will make use of your treasured pieces and photographs, as well as accent them with new objects that will make the whole display work together perfectly. 



D. Gorgeous Gallery Wall


Personal photographs, special pieces of artwork, and treasured travel finds are some of the most precious items people own. It’s always a shame if they are stored in boxes or junk drawers, instead of being beautifully showcased.  

If you have a wall that is asking for some personality, the Gorgeous Gallery Wall decorating service is for you.  

We will work with you to choose the best combination of photographs and artwork to be artfully displayed, whether in a formal grid or more of a casual grouping. We can also help you select the best frame options and the layout that works best for your home. 


*Please note, these prices are for the shopping and decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.

E. Deck My Halls

Starting at $750+HST

There is nothing more delightful than a home beautifully decorated for the holidays. There is no task more daunting, either. You can go to work or finish your shopping and when you return, your home will be transformed and ready for visitors, green with decorating envy. You have the option of using all of your existing holiday décor, which we may supplement with some new items for you. This will ensure you enjoy the entire holiday season and focus on what is really important at this time of the year; showing off your beautiful home. 

If you’d love some help with your holiday decorating, the Deck My Halls, Holiday decorating service is for you. 


*Please note, these prices are for the shopping and decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.





Starting at $750+HST

As a full service builder or contractor, the end of a project is bittersweet. It’s a time to give the home back to the owners and time for you to take photographs of the spaces you’ve been meticulously crafting for months. A photo-ready home involves much more than having furniture in each room. It involves adding lifestyle items, such as accent cushions, throw blankets, beautiful lamps, candles, vases, greenery, storage canisters, linens, books and picture frames. These are the items that showcase your work and allow potential clients to imagine themselves in their newly renovated home.

If you are a builder or contractor with a keen eye for detail and are having professional photographs taken of your projects, our Styling Service is for you.  

Fraser Decor will visit the home to be photographed, take note of what is needed to professionally style and shop for specific items necessary to showcase your work.

On picture day, Fraser Decor will style the home and add the necessary pieces to make each space magazine-worthy. Once the photographer is finished and you’re satisfied with the images, we will remove all of the styling items and allow your clients to finally live in the home you’ve created for them.


*Please note, these prices are for the shopping and decorating services only and do not include purchases of any items discussed.

Camera Ready

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