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  • Why should I hire Fraser Decor?
    There are several ways Fraser Decor can help you love your home. We will save you time, money, and provide our “fresh eyes” approach to your project. How much spare time do you have? There are a finite number of hours in a day and you probably don’t want to spend precious weekends going from tile store to granite manufacturer, to furniture showroom. Without a specific plan, going, “to just see what’s out there,” eats up a lot of time. Fraser Decor will either do the running around for you (at a cost) or will send you out armed with a decorating plan, providing you with the confidence to know exactly what type of item (with exact dimensions, in an exact colour family) that works in your space. We save you money in two ways: Avoid making impulse purchases of “for now” items: Have a plan created or better yet, have the sourcing completed for you. How many items are in your home because it will do “for now”? Wouldn’t it have been better to buy the perfect console table, prized pillow, or the appropriate artwork in the first place? Now you either have to live with it or you have to spend more time and money to replace that ill-advised item. Passing on “trade” discounts: Design professionals have access to showrooms and resources not available to the general public, so we can get unique items, and we can usually do it with sizable discounts. We split our trade discounts with clients and that money saved can help offset the design fees on the project. We also give you our ‘Fresh Eyes’ approach: Because we don’t live in your space every day, we see your home from a new perspective. We take all spaces into account, making sure your style flows from room to room. This ensures your home tells your personal story, expressing your taste and style. We immediately see what doesn’t fit in a room and begin to change it for the better. We often hear, “I would never have thought of that.” from a client.
  • How does Fraser Decor charge?
    Fraser Decor creates custom service offerings based on solutions to common decorating dilemmas. Our services include a selection of decorating and styling packages. The cost of each package is based on the approximate time it will take to complete the tasks outlined. This transparent approach provides clients’ with the design fees upfront. 
To get an idea as to where the time goes, let’s consider sourcing the perfect light fixture. The task can take hours of looking at manufacturer’s websites, visiting showrooms, and making pricing inquiries. Another example, the perfect light fixture for a foyer involves looking at dimensions, the exact finish of the fixture, a number of lightbulbs, quality of light emitted, quality of the finish, decor in the rest of the home, delivery time, and most importantly, cost including freight and delivery. To ensure all the criteria is satisfied, it can take a lot more time than anticipated and this is just a single item in the decor scheme. Clients who work with Fraser Decor pay a flat decorating fee. You will receive a detailed decorating fee invoice at the beginning of the project so you can be sure of the value and level of service you will receive in exchange for that fee.
  • How do I make the most of the time with Fraser Decor?
    Congratulations on making the very wise decision to hire a professional! In order to make the most of our relationship, we should be clear about a couple of things. 1. Decide on your available investment: You may not know how much things are going to cost yet, but if you have a certain number in mind, it’s going to be best to share that during your initial Decorating Consultation. If your budget is tight, it doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead with your project, it just means that you’re going to have to be really smart about how to allocate your decorating dollars. Perhaps, you’ll have to keep your existing television and get an appropriately sized area rug instead. A frank discussion about the investment you are willing to make in your home means we are all thinking along the same lines and will prevent Fraser Decor from spending time (and design fees) outside of your budget. If you’re unsure as to exactly how much you’d like to spend, Fraser Decor will work with you to set a realistic budget to fulfil your decorating dreams. 2. Decide on your decor preferences (likes & dislikes): Considering you’re employing our services, you likely haven’t decided on your exact decorative personality yet. Having even one inspirational photo will put us on the same page. Have a look at some popular design magazines, either in print or online, or spend a little bit of time looking at websites such as Pinterest and Houzz. If you’re making decor decisions with a partner, have them pick some of their favourite interiors too. This initial bit of research will ensure that your time and money will be optimized during your Decorating Consultation. Adding as much detail as possible to the Client Questionnaire will also help us know where to begin, style-wise.
  • I’ve never worked with an Interior Decorator before. How does your process work?
    A streamlined full service decorating process, is better for everyone involved -- clients, the decorator, suppliers, contractors and any trades. In order to help you better understand the complex and somewhat overwhelming decorating process, we have created the: Fraser Decor "Loving Your Home" Decorating Process Step 1: Decorating Consultation Step 2: Project Initiation Step 3: Concept & Budget Review Step 4: Design Presentation Step 5: Orders & Installations Step 6: Styling & Reveal Step 7: Project Closure Finally, enjoy your new space! Don’t worry, if some of these steps don’t make much sense yet, every step will be explained to you in detail at the Decorating Consultation. This systematic approach allows us to achieve the best outcome, produce consistent results and concludes with happy clients.
  • I haven’t made changes to my home in a long time.  How much should I be prepared to invest in the furniture, accessories and items I need to buy?"
    Fraser Decor’s Decorating Budget Guidelines was developed to help clients understand some of the costs associated with home decorating. Not every client will need every item but this is meant to be as comprehensive as possible. We will work with you to set a realistic budget for the changes you’d like to make.

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